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Imposible to set :weight Light for a font

From: ypuntot
Subject: Imposible to set :weight Light for a font
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2022 15:40:10 +0000 (UTC)


A noob X file:

I can't set ":weight Light" for a font.

If I set it using the "Menu, Options, Set Default font, Cascadia Mono - style 
Light"; the text in the buffer changes correctly;

but in the init.el the :family changes into "Cascadia Mono Light".

When restarting, it seems that family "Cascadia Mono Light" doesn't exist, so 
the default font family changes by itself into "Frank Ruhl Hofshi".

In the customization buffer family is "Frank Ruhl Hofshi",

but in the init.el family is "Cascadia Mono Light".

If I set in the customization buffer (:family Cascadia Mono :weight light) the 
default font in the buffers doesn't acquire the :weight light.

In the init.el it appears :family "Cascadia Mono" :weight light.

In the customization buffer weight goes back to "normal".


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