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Re: Placement of list within an interactive clause

From: carlmarcos
Subject: Re: Placement of list within an interactive clause
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2022 00:08:20 +0200 (CEST)

Jul 15, 2022, 21:31 by

> * <> [2022-07-16 00:23]:
>> Yes, I realise that.  I see that (interactive) is misleading. 
>> Although "read-from-minibuffer" cannot be called from M-x, it still
>> asks for input through the minibuffer.  Notwithstanding   that
>> normal programming language code does not customarily lead to user
>> input during run-time, particularly when automation is pursued.
> Emacs Lisp is what it is. Text editor IS interactive as by the context
> of English language. Declaration "(interactive)" is not misleading as
> it has pretty good description what it is. If you however, do not
> understand any word in that description, let us know.
It is misleading when you do not use it, but having the body run minibuffer 
in the body.  If you want to make a function without ever interacting with the 
user (with 
either M-x or whatever), then calling any minibuffer functionality in the body 
is contrary
to what you want to do.  That's all I am saying.

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