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RE: [External] : programmatically make window full length but not change

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : programmatically make window full length but not change width
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2022 17:57:06 +0000

> After downloading the frame-cmds.el, I also needed frame-fns.el to allow 
> things to compile.  One other tweak I needed, since my windows toolbar is at 
> the bottom of the screen, I needed to add:
> (setq window-mgr-title-bar-pixel-height '175)
> This made it size correctly on my laptop.  However, if I connect to my remote 
> desktop computer, using either VNC or Remote Desktop Connection, then that 
> sizing is incorrect.  It seemed to be around 60 for that computer.  Oh, and 
> each of these computers have a 1920x1080 display setting, if that makes any 
> difference.
> Is this a setting that needs to be set individually for each computer?

For each context where the title bar has a different height.

`C-h v window-mgr-title-bar-pixel-height':

  Height of frame title bar provided by the window manager, in pixels.
  You might alternatively call this constant the title-bar "width" or
  "thickness".  There is no way for Emacs to determine this, so you
  must set it.

You can set it conditionally based on however you can
determine the context and the right height for it.

From the source file you see that the default value is
set using this:

(cond ((eq window-system 'mac) 22)
      ;; For older versions of macOS, 40 might be better.
      ((eq window-system 'ns)  50)
      (t  27))

If the difference between the contexts you mention is
reflected in the value of `window-system' then you can
use a similar sexp to set it appropriately in your init

 (setq window-mgr-title-bar-pixel-height
       (cond ((eq window-system 'FOO) N)
             ((eq window-system 'BAR) M)
             (t 27)))

Where FOO, BAR, N, and M are whatever values you need.

> If so, that's getting outside of what I would know how to do, since my goal 
> is to have a single .emacs file for all of the computers where I work.  Maybe 
> it would be a registry setting or environment variable, for which I could 
> easily have each computer have its own customized setting, and then the 
> .emacs would get that env var or reg value on startup?

See above.

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