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Re: completion-styles with increasing level of matching

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: completion-styles with increasing level of matching
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2022 14:38:38 -0700

fwiw i don't use completion-styles yet i think, but i use ido +
ido-hacks + ido-clever match.  ido [with flex] and i discover short
shorthands for e.g. org headers for refiling.  those need not be
initials.  and rarely would initials work for me.

i think if you use completion-styles, whether you need flex will
depend on whether you use more than initials.

[idk if fido or the new composable stuff will be able to emulate my
setup.  if it does then maybe it will use completion-styles.]

On 8/1/22, Emanuel Berg <> wrote:
> uzibalqa wrote:
>> `flex' attempts to complete using in-order substrings, so
>> `foo' matches `frodo' or `fbarbazoo'.
>> Whereas `initials' complete acronyms and initialisms such that
>> `lch' matches `list-command-history'.
>> They seem to do the same thing to me. Any good insight what
>> one can do but the other can't?
> While I do rely on chemical, cognitive and physical speed the
> physical part of that is typing so I'm the worst person to ask
> actually ;)
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