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Abbrev for shorthand purposes

From: uzibalqa
Subject: Abbrev for shorthand purposes
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 05:31:58 +0000

Have been trying to use abbrev for shorthand purposes. I can go from text to 
shorthand but not the other way round, because
of the punctuation. Is there something I can do? Use of abbrev-mode also fails 
in situations when different the same abbreviation
could expand to more than one word.

("wayward" "wa/") ("westward" "W/")
("adjustment" "ajs-") ("armament" "am-")
("basement" "bs-") ("casement" "ks-")
("enactment" "nak-") ("enjoyment" "njy-")
("enlargement" "nlj-") ("entertainment" "Ntn-") ("measurement" "mz/-") 
("movement" "mv-")
("recommend" "rk-") ("require" "rqi") ("separate" "sp;")
("silk" "slk") ("struck" "Sk") ("subject" "sj")

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