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Re: dired cons bug?

From: Harald Judt
Subject: Re: dired cons bug?
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 01:05:51 +0200
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Hi Eli,

>/Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 11:23:52 +0200/
>/From: Harald Judt <>/
>/I have found an explanation for my own question: The problem is that after a /
>/dired-do-xxxx command, the buffer of the _target_ directory will be /
>/refreshed. /
>/But the target directory of /home/user/tmp/test/a/a would be /
>//home/user/tmp/test/a/, and that is different from the one used in the base /
>/dir of the cons (/home/user/). In fact, if I add a file /home/user/x and add /
>/that to the file list and delete it, the buffer will be reverted correctly. /
>/If /
>/I delete any of the other files, it won't./
>/Now, what could I do to programmatically revert the current dired buffer /
>/after /
>/executing a dired-do command?/

I have posted a patch that's supposed to fix this.  Please try it.

Thanks for your patch, I have tried it and it indeed fixes my problems. I have not noticed any new problems caused by it so far, but I'll give it some more thorough testing next week.



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