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Tramp crazy, starts automatically on startup

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Tramp crazy, starts automatically on startup
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 01:49:21 +0200
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Tramp has gone crazy, it starts automatically on startup!

Here is some other poor soul having the same issue, what he
uses tho and how he solves, that doesn't ring a bell.

"Very annoying" no kidding, what IS this???

  Tramp tries to connect to remote hosts on emacs startup

  This happens when you used ido to browse directories on
  a remote host and it saved them in `ido-dir-file-cache`.
  Ido will then save this cache to
  `ido-save-directory-list-file` which is loaded when emacs
  starts up. You can use the following code to clean the cache
  of tramp entries when emacs quits:

  (defun ido-remove-tramp-from-cache nil
    "Remove any TRAMP entries from `ido-dir-file-cache'.
    This stops tramp from trying to connect to remote hosts on emacs startup,
    which can be very annoying."
    (setq ido-dir-file-cache
           (lambda (x)
 (car x)))
  ;; redefine `ido-kill-emacs-hook' so that cache is cleaned before being saved
  (defun ido-kill-emacs-hook ()

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