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Re: Academic workflow with old PDFs

From: Alessandro Bertulli
Subject: Re: Academic workflow with old PDFs
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 13:31:45 +0200

> more importantly I can do `C-x 5 2` to see several pages at the same
> time (I very often keep a frame/window displaying the bibliography,
> but other times I use that to display a figure while I read the
> corresponding description from another page, or to display several
> figures next to each other, ...)

This is a very good idea, thanks! I find that sometimes, using my DE tab
switching (alt+tab on GNOME) is quicker than changing Emacs buffer, so
that may be a good tip.

> I tried Sioyek and it's nice, but not sufficiently nicer to make me
> change :-)

I'm quite conflicted about it :-)
On one hand, it is specifically designed for academics, and it works
decently well; on the other, it has Vim-style keybindings (that may
overridden tho), and as I was saying it isn't always able to reconstruct
the hyperlinks if the pdf is old. But again, I'm starting to suspect
this is a limitation intrinsic to the quality of the pdf, and that there
isn't a magical tool to perform so accurate OCR. However, if any one has
comments or suggestions about this, they're welcome.

> Have you tried `pdf-tools`?

In fact, I have, but just barely. Until now, I sticked to Sioyek since I
needed to read almost exclusively old papers. But I'm willing to explore
it further.


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