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Re: Academic workflow with old PDFs

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Academic workflow with old PDFs
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2022 00:00:24 +0200
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Alessandro Bertulli wrote:

>> It is called higher education, university, research,
>> science and maybe other words as well depending on context,
>> but not that one.
> Dunno


> in Italy it's still used sometimes, I just assumed it
> was canon.

Italy has a history of being a bit "behind", this has as often
been good as it has been bad, however in this case "academic"
brings the thoughts to a stinking professor of English
literature who cannot do laundry, this obviously has nothing
to do with the theoretic superstructure of very practical
things like technology and engineering. Even in language you
may have heard phrases like "the debate has been largely
academic" meaning without substance and not of practical
relevance. (Not that there is anything wrong with
English literature.)

>> Guys, there are there levels:
>>   Bachelor
>>   Master
>>   Ph.D.
> True, point is that "Master" has a different meaning in
> Italy, so I always specify MS as "Master of Science",
> to disambiguate.

Well, the international language - English;
the language of science, very international indeed - English;
the language of computers - English (US English in terms of speeling);
the language of your post and my reply - English;
"Master" - an English word ...

>> Guys ...
> Here I suspect you are referring to the use of "academia"
> again

If you woold specify what tasks in general and what features
in particular you look for to carry out those tasks, there is
no "academic workflow". But, you said it in subsequent
messages and to some some extent in the first post as well so
yeah, it is enough we cross that from the proceedings ...

underground experts united

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