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Re: Displaying images

From: Daniel Fleischer
Subject: Re: Displaying images
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2023 21:27:03 +0200
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Felix E. Klee [2023-01-15 Sun 11:35] wrote:

>   * I bought a Sony ZV-1 digital camera, and its ARW raw images don’t
>     display.  I already have an idea how to solve that, not too
>     important now.

A few words about raw images. These are not really images but the raw
sensor data; every pixel and the amount of light it captured. There is
no color information. The color comes from filters put on top of the
image sensor. The process of converting raw photons counts into RGB
pixels is called demosaicing and is very nuanced; you can apply color
corrections, remove dead pixels, do noise reduction and the "formulas"
are specific for every file format and every camera model and sometimes
the lens used. There are specific applications that process raw images,
including open source ones. Most of the open source software use either
dcraw (CLI tool) or libraw (library). A processing step is needed to
convert the raw image into a real image (png,jpg,bmp,tiff, etc). Maybe
you can use the CLI tool for fast conversion for preview purposes. 

Daniel Fleischer

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