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Re: [help-gnubatch] gbch-xq

From: Jan Schampera
Subject: Re: [help-gnubatch] gbch-xq
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 06:37:58 +0200
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John Collins (home) wrote:

I suppose it could wrap UID switches round every message queue operation. Originally I had it use semaphores as well which would make it even worse.

Yes, that was the basic idea of my statement. More formal:
- program operates with the RUID from the beginning and most of the time (process creator user ID/real user ID) - for GNUBatch API access it uses the SUID (saved UID, at the beginning it's the UID of the file owner)

The POSIX rationale for setuid() [1] holds an interesting discussion by the way, covering some historical quirks and stuff. Since I'm mostly "generation Linux", I can't help much with the portability.

The messages about the .gnubatch file are probably because you've got a 700 permission home directory and it can't be read with the setuid gnubatch process.

This also can be "solved" using the RUID the same way as for the DISPLAY access.



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