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Re: [help-gnubatch] Scheduled jobs disappear?

From: John Collins (personal)
Subject: Re: [help-gnubatch] Scheduled jobs disappear?
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 10:07:34 +0000
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On 04/01/11 04:27, Todd Jackson wrote:
I had something weird happen with my gnubatch installation today, all of the jobs disappeared from the gbch-q display and stopped running.  If I look in /usr/local/var/gnubatch the SPXXXXXXXX SOXXXXXXXX and ERXXXXXXXX files are still there.  Is there any way to get the system to recognize these jobs again without having to resubmit them?  Any ideas as to what could have triggered this problem?  I'm running gnubatch 1.2 on CentOS 5.5, x86_64, and I've been running gnubatch for a few months now without having a problem like this.

The last thing that I'm aware of that was being done with gnubatch was that someone had just attempted to submit a job with the following command:
gbch-r -r minutes:20 -A- -a --userName\ swg -a --userPass\ xxxxxxxx -a --textMap\ /usr/local/etc/swg_10.0_text_map.xml.gz -a --dailySize\ 10000000 -a --genUsers True -a -h Summary\ Daily\ Performance /usr/local/bin/

The person who was attempting to submit this job got a few syntax errors when they issued this command, and right after that we noticed that the gnubatch scheduler had no jobs queued.

Thanks in advance.

     -- Todd

Was there anything in the log file (in the spool directory) saying that the scheduler had terminated?

Was there perhaps something else running that trampled on the Shared Memory? I've seen this a good few times? The trouble is you create the key and get a handle number and whilst it is usually consecutive to the last handle number it often isn't and some software just assumes it is so it can grab "your" shared memory instead of its own with unfortunate effects.

It's really a bit hard from here to work out.

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