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[help-gnubatch] Conditions with exported variables

From: Rommy Smith
Subject: [help-gnubatch] Conditions with exported variables
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 16:50:57 -0400


I hope somebody can either point me to the right direction or confirm if this is a bug.


The setup includes two hosts: hostA and hostB
There are two jobs: jobX and and jobY
jobX is submitted and executed on hostA, it sets variable jobX_exit with "-s 'jobX_exit=exitcode' \"

The variable is created with: /usr/local/bin/gbch-var -K -E -C -s 4 jobX_exit

The jobY is submitted with "gbch-rr -Q hostB" from hostA. It has condition  "-c 'jobX_exit<4' \"

After jobX is executed on hostA the variable jobX_exit is set to value 0 (confirmed on both hosts with gbch-vlist).

However jobY is never triggered on hostB, gbch-q shows "**Cond**" .
"V" in gbch-q shows hostA:jobX_exit    0   user user Export Cluster". Note, jobY does not have time spec.

P.S. When variable is created without -K (clustered flag) as:  /usr/local/bin/gbch-var -E -C -s 4 jobX_exit , its value never changes on hostB (at least according to gbch-vlist).

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