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[help-gnubatch] gbch-rr question

From: Michael Moser
Subject: [help-gnubatch] gbch-rr question
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 12:36:05 -0400
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I'm sifting back through the reference manuals to see if I missed anything, but I thought I might get a better answer here.

My setup:
Arch Linux 64-bit on a Linode (cloud server) as the master GNUBatch server
CenttOS 5.x 64-bit on a Linode as a workstation

GNUBatch cloned from the git repo, dated 2010-10-22.
./configure, make, make install (install needed a few minor fixes) on both boxes

What works:
I can submit jobs logged in to the GNUBatch server, either as gnubatch, root, or myself
no issues with GNUBatch - the jobs run as planned

What I can't get to work:
I can't seem to submit jobs to the GNUBatch server from any remote workstation. I have run gbch-start on my workstation, and made sure that the services were defined in /etc/services. I get:

address@hidden ~]$ gbch-rr -Q dev-mongo -u mmoser -T13:57  ./batch
No such valid user on remote devmongo

(I realize that -u is probably redundant, but I get the same response if I don't use it). I get the same response whether I'm submitting as me (mmoser), root, or gnubatch.

I do have reciprocal entries in etc/gnubatch.hosts:
    my workstation declares dev-mongo with an alias of devmongo
dev-mongo (the master GNUBatch server) declares the workstation as a host

I hope I've given you enough info, and thanks in advance for any advice.


Michael Moser
Triton Media, Cincinnati

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