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Re: [help-gnubatch] Arbitrary name length limits?

From: Wechsler, Steven
Subject: Re: [help-gnubatch] Arbitrary name length limits?
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 15:35:50 +0000

From: John Collins (Xi Software Ltd)


On 24/01/12 14:01, Wechsler, Steven wrote:

From: John Collins (Xi Software Ltd)

On 24/01/12 13:23, Wechsler, Steven wrote:


Regarding increasing the number of characters in a variable name, it appears that all I need to do is change the value of BTV_NAME in btvar.h and then recompile. Is that correct?

Yes but make it 1 less than a multiple of 4 or you may get funny things happening if you network between different platforms.

Are you planning on a new release soon, or should I go ahead with that change?

I'm just working on some new stuff - it'll be a few weeks yet as I've got a whole lot of extra stuff for Windows clients to go in so please change it in your version.

Is it safe to make a similar change to HOSTNSIZE?


Yes but don't worry about the multiple of 4 - 1 bit in that case. Or make it 30 like I've just changed it to.

If you want to be consistent with what I'm working with in as many places as you can change BTV_NAME to 63.

Tried compiling with HOSTNSIZE = 30, but I got flakey results:

Had to press Control-D in order to get gbch-hostedit to start (after running from command line)
                gbch-hostedit did not see existing entries in gnubatch.hosts file
                Any changes made in gbch-hostedit did not get saved to gnubatch.hosts file.


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