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[help-gnubatch] BATCHDIR

From: Nigel Horne
Subject: [help-gnubatch] BATCHDIR
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2015 18:34:06 -0500
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Hi John - long time no see. In-spite of rumours to the contrary I am still around and live and kicking.

I've been playing with GNUbatch and have a few questions, most related to building in a mock environment that isn't the target machine. In the first instance, where is BATCHDIR setup? It's used in STARTUP/Sysstart.GNULinux, but a "grep -r BATCHDIR gnubatch-1.11/*" shows nothing.

What I am trying to cure is "Still could not open control file err is No such file or directory" on start-up.

All the best,


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