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[Help-gnucap] GUI

From: dan chak
Subject: [Help-gnucap] GUI
Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 23:25:54 -0400
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I thought I'd mention what it is exactly that I'm doing, since I expect I'll be having lots more questions in the future :-)

I'm building a layer on top of gnuCAP. The goal is to have real-time simulation aimed at helping people/students/kids become comfortable with circuits. So there are a number of visualizations that help users gain intuition for what's going on. For example, arrows trace out current flow, higher voltages become RED HOT while lower voltages cool off to blue, and wires get thicker as more current flows through them.

I've got it working pretty well right now with DC and I hope to get more of gnucap's functionality to bubble up to the top soon.

GnuCAP is great.  Couldn't do this without it.  Awesome work Al!  :-)


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