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[Help-gnucap] complex numbers and parametric sweeps

From: Berk Ozer
Subject: [Help-gnucap] complex numbers and parametric sweeps
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 01:41:03 +0200

Does Gnucap support complex numbers?
When running the following netlist in SPICE
I get complex-valued frequency and V(2) values.
When I run it in Gnucap I get real frequency
values and nothing for V(2).

V1 1 0 AC 1
R1 1 2 1k
C1 2 0 0.1uf
.AC DEC 20 10 100000

I am close to finish the integration of Gnucap
into my circuit simulation GUI but I still have
no clue how complex numbers and parametric
sweeps are displayed, if at all.
Here is an example for the analysis option which
I call "parametric sweep":

* circuit description

m1 2 1 4 3 p1 L=0.35u W=10.0u
vgs 1 0 -3.5
vds 2 0 -0.1
vbs 3 0 0.0
r1 4 0 10k
* mosfet model
.model p1 PMOS
* analysis
.dc vgs 0 -3.5 -0.05 vbs 0 3. 0.5 <------ A set of lines with vbs as the parameter
.print dc v(4)

- Berk Ozer

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