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[Help-gnucap] calculated parameters for cpoly for modelgen

From: Fernan Bolando
Subject: [Help-gnucap] calculated parameters for cpoly for modelgen
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 23:28:18 +0800


Is the location/arrangement of the parameters important especially for the

example for the listing below which I took from the d_bjt.model

out = c0 + x*c1 + x*c2

which comes out as

out = d->cce_cpoly + x * d->go + x^2 * d->gm

Is this the correct interpretation?
what is the cce for?

**** start example ****

circuit {
cpoly_g Ice {col,emit  base,emit} state=cce_cpoly; // cce, go, gm

device {
calculated parameters{
       double cce "collector-emitter current";
       double cce_cpoly;
       double go "Small signal output conductance";
       double gm "Small signal transconductance";

*** end example


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