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Re: [Help-gnucap] Where IS the latest tarball?

From: Al Davis
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] Where IS the latest tarball?
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:11:04 -0500
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On Saturday 25 October 2003 09:02 pm, Gregory J. McGee wrote:
> The site has a RSN message since august 2, 2003:
> gnucap-0.33.tar.gz.back-RSN.README>
> "The following files are not available because their
> authenticity is being confirmed.  We expect to have them
> uploaded Real Soon Now (RSN).

I am still trying to get settled after moving, so things are 

The development site is  Here you will find 
assorted files that relate to gnucap in addition to those that 
have been officially released.  This site has papers relating 
to gnucap, and the complete archives of every release ever 
made, since it was put under GPL in 1993.  There are also 
development releases.  The latest is gnucap-2003-06-11.tar.gz , 
which has a first cut at IBIS and some bug fixes since the 
official 0.33 release.

I also place new stable releases on
 ( )
and ibiblio
 ( )
and (of course)
 ( )

Due to a break in (as noted) doesn't have the 
latest.  I need to fix that.  In the meantime, try the other 
sites.  That is one of the reasons I use more than one site.

The geda site also has some of the development releases.

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