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Re: [Help-gnucap] need empty line for gnuplot

From: al davis
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] need empty line for gnuplot
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 12:53:24 -0400
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On Tuesday 09 May 2006 10:53, Markus Feldmann wrote:
> When i do a sweep simulaion, i get a file where the values
> are put together in blocks without an empty line between the
> blocks. The gnuplot command to select some of these blocks is
> named as index, but works only if these blocks are be aparted
> by an empty line. How can i put an empty line between my
> value blocks by using a gnucap command?

With an editor?  awk???

It seems that every program that reads external files wants 
things a little different.  The only way to make absolute 
compatibility is to make them absolutely the same, with no room 
for growth.

The favorite tool of the analog group I worked with at Bell 
Labs, for fixing incompatible file formats, was "awk".  The 
favorite tool for plotting and analyzing was "S".

Since then, "S" has evolved into a commercial product (like 
Matlab), so the recommended free alternative is "R".  The 
creator of "S" recommends "R".  Surprisingly, googling for "R" 
finds it first.  It's in the Debian package "r-base".

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