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Re: [Help-gnucap] Trying to configure under cygwin

From: al davis
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] Trying to configure under cygwin
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 15:15:37 -0500
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On Thursday 24 January 2008, Wes Brenner wrote:
> $ ./configure
> : command not found2:
> ./configure: line 22: syntax error near unexpected token
> `newline' '/configure: line 22: `case `(set -o) 2>/dev/null`
> in *posix*) set -o posix;; esac
> If I comment it out I get similar errors later on.
> Do I need to be in a particular shell?
> Will it not work under cygwin?
> Any help would be appreciated.

Quick thought ...

Try "./configure.old" instead of "./configure" .. see of that 

It should work in cygwin, but I have no way of knowing if it 
does, or what the problems are.

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