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Re: [Help-gnucap] gnucap development snapshot 2008-02-11

From: Orestes Mas
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] gnucap development snapshot 2008-02-11
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 15:52:06 +0100
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A Dilluns 11 Febrer 2008 06:41, al davis va escriure:
> There is a new snapshot available ...
> This snapshot provides:
> Parameter expressions.  Values and parameters can have
> expressions:
> Rc (c vcc) {rload}
> Re (e 0)  {rload/10}

This is really *very* welcome. Thank you for your effort.

> .....
> Parameter statements can have expressions:
> .param rload = {v/i}
> .param v=10
> .param i=.001
> Note that they are not assignment statements, and in a typical
> programming language.
> In this case, rload is 10k
> If I change a parameter, everything changes to accomodate it.
> .param i=.002
> now rload is 5k
> This enhancement works with spectre and verilog modes too.
> Plugins using the spice-wrapper still do not take named
> parameters, or expressions.

I don't understand well this. Do parameter expressions work with 
default "spice-like" syntax? (as long as I know, this syntax is the default 
in gnucap 0.35; perhaps it has changed...)



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