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Re: [Help-gnucap] spice models

From: al davis
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] spice models
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 00:25:33 -0400
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On Tuesday 06 July 2010, address@hidden wrote:
> Are you trying to use a JFET ?  Sadly, Gnucap 0.35 has no
> support for JFETs.  But I think that the development version
> of Gnucap does, and I know that NGSpice supports JFETs.  I
> recommend trying NGSpice.

It's a plugin for the development version.  There are several 
JFET models available.

It's nice of you to promote NGspice on the Gnucap list.  If I 
did the reverse, I would get flamed for it.

I don't think NGspice would solve the problems though.  It might 
help a little from a beginners perspective, because gnetlist and 
gspiceui were really written for NGspice.  Also, from a 
beginners perspective, Gnucap's plugin system is an extra thing 
to deal with that you may not want now.

The real problem here is that the gschem-gnetlist-gnucap flow 
doesn't work well, and it is mostly gnetlist at fault.  The 
gschem-gnetlist-ngspice flow doesn't work really well either.

In the spirit of recomending something else ...  In this case I 
recommend looking at "Qucs".  Qucs is a good beginner simulator 
for small circuits.  I have only been able to do really simple 
things with Qucs, but it may be exactly what you need.

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