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[Help-gnucap] Expression to set value of VCVS?

From: Stefan Dröge
Subject: [Help-gnucap] Expression to set value of VCVS?
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 12:48:17 +0200

Hi, I just tried to set the value of an VCVS by using an expression,
but can't get it to work.
Here I what I want to do:

If Input voltage Vin < -5mV then Vout := 0V
If Vin > 5mV then Vout := 5V
else (Vin between -5mV and 5mV) linear interpolated between 0V and 5V.

Here the code I tried:
ECMP 11 0 10 9 FIT (-5MV,0V 5MV,5V) Order=1

and here another line that failed:
ECMP 11 0 10 9 VCVS E={FIT (-5MV,0V 5MV,5V) Order=1}

This does not work as expected. I tried also several other
descriptions. All I could get to work is that it sets the gain of the
VCVS. But I want to set the output voltage directly.
The user manual says that it can be done, but I can't seem to find out how.
I also tried these examples with expressions
But the "eval" command seems to be unknown to my gnucap installation.
Im using gnucap 0.35 (from Ubuntu 10.04 repo).

Regards, Stefan

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