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[Help-gnucap] Custom Verilog-A model with NGSpice, stack error

From: brettf
Subject: [Help-gnucap] Custom Verilog-A model with NGSpice, stack error
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 12:54:27 -0700
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Hi all,

I'm having a problem compiling my custom verilogA file into NGSpice. I can't really find any documentation on the XML files (which is where my problem is). Lets start with my additions:

--- Added to ngspiceVersion.xml -----

<admst:when test="[name='vco']">
<admst:if test="[nilled(variable[name='I'])]">
<admst:value-of select="analog"/>
<admst:value-of select="."/>
<admst:new datatype="variable" arguments="%p,I,%p">
<admst:push into="module/variable" select="." onduplicate="ignore"/>
<admst:value-to select="sizetype" value="scalar"/>
<admst:value-to select="type" value="integer"/>
<admst:value-to select="input" value="yes"/>
<admst:value-to select="output" value="yes"/>
<admst:value-to select="parametertype" value="model"/>
<admst:value-to select="scope" value="global_model"/>
<admst:new datatype="number" arguments="1">
<admst:value-to select="scalingunit" value="1"/>
<admst:value-of select="."/>
<admst:value-of select="../module"/>
<admst:new datatype="expression" arguments="%p,%p">
<admst:value-of select="."/>
<admst:value-to select="../../default" value="%p"/>

What are these functions? Is there any explanation as to how to use them or do we just blindly copy and paste when adding new files?

----- wrapper.h file I've added for my verilog file ----

    extern "C" {
  #include "vcodefs.h"

#define info     vcoinfo
#define INSTANCE vcoinstance
#define MODEL     vcomodel

#define SPICE_LETTER "I"
#define DEVICE_TYPE "ngspice_vco"
#define MIN_NET_NODES 2
#define MAX_NET_NODES 2
#define MODEL_TYPE "Ivco|I"

static std::string port_names[] = {"in", "out"};
static std::string state_names[] = {};

Am I missing something here? Any explanations as to what needs to be in here?

And finally, my file:

`include "discipline.h"
`include "constants.h"
module vco(in,out);
 inout in,out;
// output out;
 electrical in,out;
 // SJM added
 //voltage vin;

 parameter real f0 = 1.0M from [0:inf], // center frequency
                kf = 100e03,              // frequency coefficient Hz/V
lockrange = 3, // lockrange according input voltage vin_offset = 0, // input dc offset, e.g. V(in)=vin_offs et -> f0
                vout_offset = 0,        // output dc offset
                vout_mag = 3,           // output magnitude
                phi0 = 0,               // dc phase, given in radian
                vin = 0;

 real w;

 analog begin
   vin = V(in) - vin_offset;
   if (vin > lockrange)    vin = lockrange;
     if (vin < -lockrange) vin = -lockrange;

   w = 0.63661977236758134308*(f0 + kf*vin);
   V(out) <+ vout_offset + vout_mag*sin(w*$realtime + phi0);

When I'm trying to compile, I'm getting the following error in the console:

[fatal..] stack '%s' has no more element!
[fatal..] see [../admst/ngspiceMODULE.hxx.xml:2504]make: *** [vco.c] Error 1

I can't find anything on Google or this mailing list for this error. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.


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