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Re: [Help-gnucap] OT: behavioural model for vco

From: Felix Salfelder
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] OT: behavioural model for vco
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 13:49:50 +0100
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On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 01:10:28PM -0700, brettf wrote:
> The file is now thus:  I found some problems with the vco
> verilog code.  Even after updating, it is still giving the stack
> error.

Hi there

(sorry if this is off-topic)
i was planning to maintain a collection of 3rd party behavioural model
modules for quite some time. now incidentally Rupert Swabrick
implemented an oscillator and triggered me setting up a repo.
now at git:// theres a stub,
that contains exactly that module (which turns a vcvs into a vco).

feel free to contribute by sending more models. also this could be a
place for enhanced/hacked/modified built-in models.

have fun

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