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[Help-gnucap] computing time

From: Romain GAILLETON
Subject: [Help-gnucap] computing time
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2013 09:50:47 +0100
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I’m currently working on an electrical simulation project.
There is about 4000 real nodes in the project, and about 8000 more nodes for controlling the switches.

Our problem is the computing time which is really too important:
The computing time is about 0.5s after the closing/opening of a switch which does not affect the rest of the electric scheme. This computing time can reach more than 20s for any component which have great electrical consequences on the scheme. Before consider the following questions, you have to know that we don’t care of the accuracy of the voltage calculated. We are working on a 110V scheme and we just want to know if the wire are undervoltage or not (the voltage are binarize by another application).
I would like to ask the several questions:
1.      Which parameters can we use for reduce this computing time?
2. Is there an option which would allow Gnucap to recalculate only the nodes where the voltage have changed? 3. Is there an option which could allow us to send to the output only the nodes which are in a range?
Example: “print tran v(nodes) “  Which nodes are between 0 to 4000

4.      Is the time given by acct the real computing time?
5. Could it be possible to reduce the computing time under 500ms in your opinion?

We currently use the command “tran 0 0.15 0.15” then tran after any change on a component.
Parameters are : method=euler     outwidth=1000000    acct=1

Thank you for your time.

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