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Re: [Help-gnucap] Compiling for FreeBSD

From: Richard Gipps
Subject: Re: [Help-gnucap] Compiling for FreeBSD
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 18:54:16 +1000
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On 03/04/17 1:46 PM, al davis wrote:
On Fri, 31 Mar 2017 22:08:26 +1100
Richard Gipps <address@hidden> wrote:
1. FreeBSD uses PMake rather than GNU Make. Part of the compilation
fails with PMake. To change to GNU Make perform the following steps:
      a) Download and install GNU Make: pkg install gmake-4.2.1_1.
      b) cd /usr/bin
      c) mv make make.backup (in case you need to change back)
      d) create a symbolic link: ln -s /usr/local/bin/gmake make
How about:
a) install make (pkg install gmake)
b) type "gmake" instead of "make"
I will give this a try next time I compile it.

If you have a fix for it that will make it work with pmake, I would
likely apply the fix.  (provided that it is simple, clean, and doesn't
break gmake).

1. Add the following line to gnucap\lib\

      #include <stdio.h>

      I am note sure how the configure script could work on any system
without this change as readline.h references a FILE* but does not
include stdio.
Obviously it did work for me.  I would not have released it otherwise.

Doing a little research here .....  The Debian version includes
stdio.h, since 2001.  Apparently the change was never applied back to
"upstream", because the git master does not.

Header files are supposed to include what they need, so this is really
a bug in readline.
I agree

But since that's the way it is, I have changed it in gnucap, with a
comment stating that it may be needed by readline.h and history.h.
Without the comment, it will disappear again as apparently useless code
is removed.

It's really not critical, because it doesn't prevent you from building
gnucap.  It just builds it without readline.

2. run the configure script.

3. In gnucap/lib/Make2 change -ldl to -lc as on FreeBSD, libdl is part
of libc.
make the change to gnucap/lib/configure, which generates
gnucap/lib/Make2 .

Do that for now.  We need to further study what is going on to make a
proper fix.  The "dlopen" and family seems to be inconsistent between

4. run make

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