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Update gnucap gitbook

From: patrick
Subject: Update gnucap gitbook
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2020 18:02:30 +0200


I added some more notes on getting started with Gnucap in the gitbook:

This chapter just should walk you through a basic simulation cycle
 entering a netlist -> probes -> simulation -> processing output

For plotting the output I am not yet sure what to suggest. The builtin
plot command does not yet give a nice curve, the gwave installation
would take some more time, the gnuplot simulation is best so far. (I
mention the work on plugins that in the future it can simply be done
with a plugin)

Also, if you find the quality of the book good enough, it would be
nice to have it linked from:

If you have ideas how to improve the quality of the basic examples
also please let me know.

Thanks a lot, nice weekend,


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