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NSString changes

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: NSString changes
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 14:43:34 +0200 (EET)

After the latest changes in cvs, it seems that it is now impossible to
sort an array (_i_NSGMutableArray__sortUsingFunction_context_).

And, if I don't sort it, I get a "NSInternalInconsistencyExeption: Called
+allocWithZone: on private string class" and GWorkspace crashes anyway,
some lines after, in _i_NSString__lastPathComponent.

The code is in Viewer.m, in the delegate method - (void)browser:(NSBrowser
*)sender createRowsForColumn:(int)column  inMatrix:(NSMatrix *)matrix

Please help me because I'm fighting with this problem from two days
without any result...


#0  0x4073a111 in __kill ()
#1  0x40739d66 in raise (sig=6) at ../sysdeps/posix/raise.c:27
#2  0x4073b447 in abort () at ../sysdeps/generic/abort.c:88
#3  0x400a1c10 in _NSAppKitUncaughtExceptionHandler (exception=0x83862a8)
    at NSApplication.m:92
#4  0x40435db4 in _i_NSException__raise (self=0x83862a8, _cmd=0x405289d0)
    at NSException.m:110
#5  0x40435a14 in _c_NSException__raise_format_arguments_
    _cmd=0x405289b8, name=0x817b408, format=0x4053a1b0,
    at NSException.m:75
#6  0x4043593a in _c_NSException__raise_format_ (self=0x40528940, 
    _cmd=0x40538930, name=0x817b408, format=0x4053a1b0) at
#7  0x4048ab03 in _c_NSString__allocWithZone_ (self=0x40518b80, 
    _cmd=0x40538968, z=0x40540d00) at NSString.m:364
#8  0x4048ad15 in _c_NSString__stringWithCharacters_length_
    _cmd=0x405197d8, chars=0x838524c, length=3) at NSString.m:399
#9  0x403cc9fe in _i_GSMutableString__substringWithRange_ (self=0x83858e8, 
    _cmd=0x40538c60, aRange={location = 2, length = 3}) at GSString.m:2641
#10 0x4048cece in _i_NSString__substringFromIndex_ (self=0x83858e8, 
    _cmd=0x40539108, index=2) at NSString.m:1202
#11 0x40490f5f in _i_NSString__lastPathComponent (self=0x83858e8, 
    _cmd=0x80ec4e8) at NSString.m:2225
#12 0x80610bc in _i_Viewer__browser_createRowsForColumn_inMatrix_ (
    self=0x82ffb88, _cmd=0x4026bb10, sender=0x83778c8, column=0, 
    matrix=0x8385410) at Viewer.m:571

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