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Persistent skin problem? 26814

From: superchickweed
Subject: Persistent skin problem? 26814
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 07:55:41 -0600

Eczema? Dandruff? Fungi? Is poison ivy a problem? We have scores of
 testimonies available confirming the powerful healing properties of this all 
natural salve! 
Chickweed Healing Salve is an Amish made family recipe made the  way it has 
been for generations. Made with fresh chickweed in an all natural base of olive 
oil and 
beeswax it is also great for minor problems such as dry skin on the elbows, 
knees and feet. 
If you have a skin problem that just won't go away and everything else you've 
tried hasn't 
worked, then you owe it to yourself to at least get more free information about 
this product.
Try it for 30 days and we will even give you a free gift valued at over $20 at 
a healthfood store! 

For more free information please reply to 
(This is a one time email and you do not need to respond to be removed. Your 
address will be discarded if you don't reply.) 


Do you have a persistent skin problem that you just can't seem to overcome?

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