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From: H . Higuchi
Subject: Locale
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 23:18:13 +0900

Dear Sirs
Hello, My name is H.Higuchi.

I'am wondering to use GNUStep but I've heard 
that Now GNUStep cannot deal with Japanese.
As far as I read, it seems true.

Why I'd like to run Gnustep is I'd like to study objective C, but 
AFAIK, there are two implementations of Objective C.
Which does GCC belong??
which does NSObject belong?
So which should I use?

Anyway, that all.
SO, questions are 2.

1:Now, Can GNUStep deal with Japanese (like setlocale())?
2:Which libraries does GCC use?

Please give me some information!!

If OS itself have setlocale()'s fullset(like Linux-glibc2.2 or
NetBSD-current...) it seems well...Am I wrong?

I'm using NetBSD+Xwindow4.1.0. beside NetBSD, this version's
Xwindow available??

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