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Re: gnustep on windows

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: Re: gnustep on windows
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 02:33:35 +0300 (EEST)

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Adam Fedor wrote:

> Enrico Sersale wrote:
> >
> > The first thing I've noticed is that I must put a copy of objc.dll,
> > renamed libobjc.dll, in GNUstep/System/Libraries/ix86/mingw32/gnu-gnu-gnu,
> > too.
> > Else the build of base fails. (Normally it is in
> > GNUstep/System/Tools/ix86/mingw32/gnu-gnu-gnu/ and it is named
> > "objc.dll").
> >
> Well you shouldn't have to do that. It probably means something else is
> wrong. Why did the base build fail? It sounds like perhaps PATH isn't
> set correctly or perhaps there are some wrong characters in PATH or
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Maybe you gave an odd --prefix to configure? Maybe it's
> a corrupt libobjc...
> You might try linking and running a simple ObjC program like:
> #include <objc/Object.h>
> int
> main()
> {
>    id obj = [Object new];
>    return 0;
> }

This works.

The build of base fails with:

undefined reference to `_objc_load_callback'
undefined reference to `_objc_load_callback'
undefined reference to `_objc_load_callback'
GSFFCallInvocation.m: undefined reference to `__objc_msg_forward'
dllwrap: gcc exited with status 1

The only think that, just now, I have seen, is that I've not shared
versions of the ffcall libraries. (but, following the README, they are
build only static...)

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