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.Net and Distribute Objects

From: José María Ruiz Aguilera
Subject: .Net and Distribute Objects
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 13:00:55 +0100

Some phylosophical questions:

a) Distribute Objects looks like very similar to .Net concept... Is this true?

b) With all this software movement to big, complex architectures, to make more 
productive the enterprises (J2EE, .NET, MONO...) What about GNUstep concept? Is 
it obsolete? We look like a moskito fighting with an elephant.

José María Ruiz Aguilera (aka nodie)
Málaga Wireless ->
PMLinux         ->
Linux Málaga    ->
"Los ordenadores son a la informática 
lo que los telescopios son a la astronomía,
meros aparatos de observación"

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