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Re: .Net and Distribute Objects

From: José María Ruiz Aguilera
Subject: Re: .Net and Distribute Objects
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 15:37:26 +0100

On 2002-09-08 14:56:35 +0100 Richard Frith-Macdonald <> 

>> Some phylosophical questions:
>> a) Distribute Objects looks like very similar to .Net concept... Is this 
>> true?
> Vaguely ... both deal with distributed services.

I don't understand webobjects concept. Could you explain me in few words?
>> b) With all this software movement to big, complex architectures, to make 
>> more productive the enterprises (J2EE, .NET, MONO...) What about GNUstep 
>> concept? Is it obsolete? We look like a moskito fighting with an elephant.
> I don't think it's obsolete ... DO is simpler, easier to use, and very 
> flexible ... which implies
> to me that the others are obsolete.  Of course you can build bridges if you 
> need to interoperate
> with the other technologies.

How of easy is to implement binds in a language like Objective-C?

It's really hard don't fall in a project like GNOME or KDE, all people I know 
works in one of this projects. 

GNUstep look like the Hurd, too many years in the shadow. KDE and GNOME took 
the comunity attention early and have a lot of publicity. Nobody is interesting 
in GNUstep. This is good and bad, I feel more free in GNUstep, people explain 
me concepts and is really nice. But allways appear the phantom of GNOME and 
KDE, with their architectures.

I'm a computer engineer student ( in a year I'll be computer engineer) and I 
see how all the world want's more and more complicated system to be more 
"productive" -> they develop more software in the same time.

If ALL GNU people speak of horizontal development instead vertical development, 
why there is really LARGE and vertical projects like Linux kernel, KDE or 

What is the philosophy of GNUstep about that?

I like GNUstep, I see it like a very well design. It's interesting, like 
objective-c, but noone use it. 

If big enterprise like SUN or even MS are interesting in projects like GNOME is 
because this projects are near SUN and MS architectures, but I don't see APPLE 
helping GNUstep when it could be good for APPLE, GNUstep programmer could be 
future COCOA programmers. Why I don't see APPLE helping to GNUstep?

Thanks :-)
José María Ruiz Aguilera (aka nodie)
Málaga Wireless ->
PMLinux         ->
Linux Málaga    ->
"Los ordenadores son a la informática 
lo que los telescopios son a la astronomía,
meros aparatos de observación"

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