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Hide external library from a GNUstep library ?

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Hide external library from a GNUstep library ?
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:50:39 -0400


 I try to write a GNUstep library which hide all the exteral libraries.
 The relationship is

 myApplication -> myLibrary -> external_libraries

 myApplication and myLibrary are using GNUstep,
 and external_libraries is the general libraries, ex. libc.

 In myLibrary, I use ADDITIONAL_xxx_LIBS += -lexternal_libraries,
 and everything is fine.
 But in myApplication, if I only use -lmyLibrary,
then it will complain that the functions in external_libraries can't be found.
 I have to use -lmyLibrary -lexternal_libraries in myApplication,
 to make it complie successfully.
 How could I hide the external_libraries from myApplication vi myLibrary ?
 I guess there are something wrong in my GNUmakefile for myLibrary.
 Any good GNUmakefile exmaple ?



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