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Re: No anti-alias in backart ?

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: No anti-alias in backart ?
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 11:01:21 -0700
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Jeff Teunissen wrote:
Adam Fedor wrote:

Yen-Ju Chen wrote:

 Is it possible to turn off the anti-alias in backart ?
 It doesn't looks good on my notebook (LCD monitor)
 compared to the program without anti-alias.
 Chinese character, containing many strokes,
 doesn't looks good unless the size is larger than 16.
 Windows doesn't offer anti-alias,
 and Chinese on Windows looks good even in size of 10.

You could try

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSFontAntiAlias YES

It's hard for me to tell if it works or not. It looks about the same to me so maybe not...

[grr, sending to the list this time]

You need to delete the default or set it to NO if you want to not have antialiasing. Even then, it can currently be overridden by nfont packages in the RenderHints_hack key.

Yes, silly me. I of course meant NO not YES.

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