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Re: Linking custom library problem

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Linking custom library problem
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:53:45 +0000 (GMT)

You can create this error in a variety of ways; the best way for you to
understand what's happening is using 'ldd'.

'ldd' prints out the libraries a program (or shared library) depends upon.

For example,

cd {wherever exampleTests is}
ldd exampleTests

should show you the libraries that exampleTests depends upon/is linked
against.  Check that they are what you expect (in particular, that you are
linking against the libPSS you want, and not maybe an old one ?).

Then, try doing

cd {wherever is}

it should print out the libraries that depends upon/is linked
against.  Check that they are what you expect.

I hope that helps you :-) let me know if it doesn't.

> Hi all,
> Following the advices given by Nicola Pero in his cool "More on GNUstep
> Makefiles" tutorial, I made the following two makefiles (were cut for
> readability):
> <snip title="Library (libPSS) makefile">
> # The Piranhas Sip Service Library
> libPSS_HEADERS = $(shell find Headers/PSS -name "*.h")
> libPSS_HEADER_FILES = $(shell cd Headers/PSS ; find . -name "*.h")
> libPSS_OBJC_FILES = $(shell find Sources/PSS -name "*.m")
> libPSS_LIBRARIES_DEPEND_UPON += -lPiranhas -losip -lnana
> </snip>
> <snip title="Tool makefile">
> TOOL_NAME = exampleTests
> exampleTests_OBJC_FILES = $(shell find . -name "*.m")
> exampleTests_TOOL_LIBS += -lObjcUnit -lPSS
> </snip>
> The problem is that when building my tool, during the linking phase, I
> got stuff like:
> Making all for tool exampleTests...
>  Linking tool exampleTests ...
> /usr/GNUstep/Local/Libraries/ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu/
> undefined reference to `osip_setcb_ict_kill_transaction'
> /usr/GNUstep/Local/Libraries/ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu/
> undefined reference to `osip_setcb_ict_1xx_received'
> /usr/GNUstep/Local/Libraries/ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu/
> undefined reference to `osip_init'
> Which indicates me that libosip was not properly loaded with libPSS...
> Any ideas/solutions ?

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