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Re: State of GUI on Windows ?

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: State of GUI on Windows ?
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 00:10:22 +0200
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Raphael Sebbe wrote:
I have been following GNUstep development for quite a long time now (and I know it it has come along nicely on X-Window systems), and I am just curious of the state of GUI (AppKit) support for Windows. Could someone tell if it is useable right now, for developers or users, what is still missing... Note that I don't have a windows machine at disposal for testing it myself.

Looks liek this is becoming a sort of FAQ here. We shoudl supply a standard answer for it. This would be something similar to:

While make and base are pretty much working on Win32, GUI and back are in an rather experimental state. For GUI a few adoptions mostly for NSWorkspace are needed, while back only provides very basic rendering support for Win32. There are also a few issues with messages, one of them may lead to focus problems. I did implement this backend about a year ago just to prove that this is possible, but nobody did pick it up since than and so even the needed adoptions to changes in GUI may be missing. If you are adventures go ahead to use this and maybe even fix the bugs and missing parts that you will find. Don't expect anybody of the GNUstep team to do much in this area, as none of us uses Windows much. Go ahead, improve on this, just don't expect a working and supported solution.


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