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Re: Please help with image rotation and scaling.

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Please help with image rotation and scaling.
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 11:36:39 +0200

Pete French wrote:
> > back-art seems to do its own "everything".
> I think thats the idea - but the image operator doesnt support some
> of the wacky bit-depth images that I use (2/2/2 colour for example)
> unfortunately. Being an open source project I could be a good netizen
> and add the support myself I guess - but having done that already
> for the GNUstep X11 backend I;m somewhat disinclied to do it all over
> again :-)

Well, back-art is supposed to handle just about anything that you can
throw at it :). 2 bits/component color works in my tests, but the tests
are artificial, so there might be something broken that prevents it from
working in real cases. If so, I'd appreciate a report and some code or
an image that triggers it.

- Alexander Malmberg

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