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Re: debian, gnustep-gui and doc

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: debian, gnustep-gui and doc
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 20:13:35 -0600

On Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 02:17 PM, Eric Heintzmann wrote:

Nicola Pero wrote:
I m working on gnustep-gui 0.8.7 official debian package.
I need to separate doc and binaries to avoid building same doc on all debian architectures.
I know how to build and install doc only.
But I don t know how to build and install binaries only (without doc).

i ve tried  :

. /..../
$(MAKE) install SUBPROJECTS="Source Images Model Tools Panels PrinterTypes TextConverters ColorPickers KeyBindings Resources"
Ooopsss. :-)
If you want to modify SUBPROJECTS, you need to change the GNUmakefile. I
don't think it works setting it on the command line.

It seems you are right.
Is it possible to set a variable (or something else) to avoid building and/or installing Documentation (in gnustep-gui) ?

Well this seems to be causing a lot of trouble (beside this). Maybe we should just not build Documentation in the normal build, but provide instructions for doing it in the INSTALL file?

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