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Re: No font when launching a test app

From: Nicolas Girard
Subject: Re: No font when launching a test app
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 16:58:44 +0200
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On Wed, 09 Jul 2003 23:04:55 +0200, Andreas Voegele wrote :

Thanks for investigating !
In the meantime I reinstalled the latest gnustep tars ; as for
gnustep-back i followed the recommandation from Documentation/install.texi
as follows:
        make install
        make distclean
        configure --enable-graphics=art --with-name=art
        make install
        defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSBackend libgnustep-xlib
Then i tried to launch ProjectCenter

1) When using the xlib backend, i still got a menu with no font, or at
least fith no visible font.
-> From what you discovered, is there a way for me to handle this
problem ? Can i set myself the fore- and backgroung colours ?

2) When using the art backend, as before, i got a menu with some text
inside, but hardly visible since coloured in grey over grey
-> How could i resolve this ?

3) In either of the above situations, when i launch ProjectCenter i get an
icon in the bottom-left and a menu in the top-left corner of the screen.
Unfortunately, when either the menu of the icon looses focus, the menu
disappear, which makes it very boring to reach !!
-> Is it the expected behaviour ?

Thanks in advance,

> Fred Kiefer writes:
>> Andreas Voegele wrote:
>>> Nicolas Girard writes:
>>>>I succeded in compiling & launching the test tool ; i switched to the
>>>>sample NSApplication. I had no compilation issue, but when launching it,
>>>>and after waiting for the font cache to be built, i ended up with a
>>>>"blank" application, i.e. a window containing nothing but a grey button ;
>>>>no text even in the button itself.
>>> Is the X11 backend broken?
>> No, the x11 backend isnt broken in CVS, and wasn't, as far as I know,
>> in the days before.
> It seems that the xlib backend does not set the fore- and background
> colours properly.  I can see the text when I explicitly set the
> foreground colour to black with XChangeGC() before the text is drawn
> with XDrawString().

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