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Re: GDL2 How-To

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: GDL2 How-To
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 19:06:09 +0200
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Frédéric PRACA wrote:

Hi everybody,
I just started looking at GDL2 which seems to be the most powerful layer between objects and relationnal databases I've seen.
Well, I have problems :
- First, there's no doc with it nor examples. So I read the doc from db and the examples which are almost good fro gdl2

:-) nice, I didn't realize they could be helpful.

- Second, after reading everything and keeping it like handbook, I didn't found anywhere how to simply select and retrieve objects from my little database. No how-to, nothing ... Well looking in header files, I found some methods in DatabaseChannel but specifying entities in the request seems redundant to me (I already described it in the model file with the mapping). Does someone know where I can find help or a little example well commented with application objects and how to retrieve them from the database ?
Thanks a lot


PS: please don't give the links on, everything about EOF is in WebObjects and is now in Java.
:-) well, I'll do it anyway because we are trying to make GDL2 compatible to the EOF delivered with WebObject 4.5 which was the last ObjC-Version of EOF and WebObjects.

Yes, I know this situation is unsatisfactory. Right now many people using GDL2 are actually devloping/porting WebObjects apps or in the same predicament as you are. A while ago a few people started small projects that maybe one day be contributed as examples. Some are still working on them, fixing/reporting issues as they come along. I've been behind in respnding to some of them because I always try to verfiy that the behavior of the patches matches WebObject 4.5 and that is a) tedious and b) currently not possible as I've got an older Version of WO installed for some other projects I'm working on :-/. I really hope to get back up to par in September though. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions on the ML (Or try catching me on irc:// ).


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