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Re: Renaming a class created in Gorm

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: Re: Renaming a class created in Gorm
Date: 29 Aug 2003 14:56:01 -0400

To follow up on my own post here, it is possible to edit the file
data.classes, but i'm sure that's not what the authors had i mind.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

>I'm using Gorm (0.3), and i can see how to make a subclass.  For reference,
>click on the classes button of the document view, then choose a class,
>then subclass it using Classes > Create Subclass...
>This will create NewClass, or NewClass1, etc.
>How do i rename the class?
>I can't seem to do it with the class inspector, and the only
>other method that looks promising is Edit > Set Name (which
>doesn't work for me).
>My setup is gnome on redhat 7.3, gnustep base 1.6.0, back 0.8.4,
>gui 0.8.5, and it seems to be largely working.

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