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Re: retrieving gorm files

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: Re: retrieving gorm files
Date: 8 Sep 2003 23:57:57 -0400

Just in case anybody ever has this problem and is searching
the archives, here's a little followup.

If you first make a new application and then try to open
up a module that you've saved, then it indeed opens the module

So there is a workaround (to the problem of not being
able to open up module documents that you've saved).

And it may of course be that there's something wrong with
my setup.

For reference, i'm using make and base 1.7.3, back and gui 0.8.9,
and Gorm 0.3.1 (on redhat 7.3, gcc 3.3 modified with sarray
patch per Adam's advice).


[PS: Also, just for reference, i haven't yet completely followed through
with Adam's recommendation about running make_services manually (for
the interaction between ProjectCenter and Gorm), because for now i'm
just using Gorm as a standalone.  But i do appreciate any and all

In article <bitj0l$36n$>, Dan Hitt <> wrote:
>Sometimes gorm (0.3.0) seems to be unable to read what it has written.
>More exactly, i can open a *.gorm file (in which i've saved the
>interface for a module), and there's some indication that it has
>read something, because the Inspector shows some remnants of
>what was in the module.  But the window which shows the objects
>does not appear, and the document menu acts as though there's no
>document present (Save, Save As ..., etc are all disabled).

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