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Building GNUstep on Darwin/x86

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: Building GNUstep on Darwin/x86
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 21:21:10 +0000
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I'm trying to build GNUstep (from yesterday's CVS) on Darwin 7 x86, with the FSF compiler and gnu-gnu-gnu library combo. Followed README.Darwin, everything *appears* to work fine. But then, when I try to run anything (here, for instance, I try to start the pasteboard server):

heisenberg:~ leeg$ gpbs
dyld: gpbs version mismatch for library: /usr/local/lib/libtiff.3.6.1.dylib (compatibility version of user: 3.6.1 greater than library's version: 0.0.0)
Trace/BPT trap

It strikes me that this is an issue with the Apple dyld, but there doesn't seem to be a ./configure flag (I guess it would be in -gui, as that's where libtiff seems to get referenced) to force static linking. Any idea how I can get around/solve this problem?


Graham Lee
Wadham College

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