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GDNC - unable to register with name server

From: Ur Naim
Subject: GDNC - unable to register with name server
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 22:56:34 GMT
User-agent: Xnews/5.04.25

I am setting up my first GNUstep system. Using a 
fresh FreeBSD 4.10 install.  As per instructions I 
have gdomap starting at boot. Sourced the file.

When I launch gdnc (using the -f option), gdnc trys 
to start and then after a few seconds quits with 
the msg "Unable to register with name server as 
GDNServer - quiting"

I can't find any info on what is causing this error 
message or how to solve it.  I am suspecting I may 
not have something correctly setup on the BSD 
networking, but I am able to browse the web and do 
other network activities. Just what 'name server' 
is gdnc looking for?


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