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Menu placement

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Menu placement
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 11:54:44 -0400

I'm using WindowMaker on Debian with sloppy focus. That leads to the
problem, that the application menu vanishes if I cross another window on
my way from the app window to the menu. The only app that differs is

I've also been having focus problems with GNUstep apps. I had thought maybe the problem was I'm using sawfish and switching to windowmaker would fix it but I guess not!


In "sloppy" focus mode (sawfish calls it "enter-exit"), my app menu will disappear once I leave the app main window. If I set "enter-only" focus, I can keep the menu there if I stay only on the root window with the mouse after leaving the main window. In either case, I also get auto-raise behavior (which I don't want) for application main windows, which sometimes interacts badly with (I guess) sawfish, causing flashing back and forth between windows when they overlap.

If I switch to "click to focus" mode, my app menu will stay there, but it does not respond to mouse clicks. (I think they are always interpreted as "focus" clicks and not being passed to the app.)

I am wondering:

- Is there any way to disable the "autoraise" feature (which is usually something managed by the window manager anyway, not the app)?

- Is there any way to cause the app menus to be mapped as transient dialogs (or whatever they are called in X-speak) that do NOT disappear if their parent window loses focus?

I am hoping that the answer to all of this is not, "You MUST use click-to-focus mode and pass-first-click-to-application in order to use GNUstep."...


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