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Re: A good starting point

From: Wayne Stewart
Subject: Re: A good starting point
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 17:59:46 +1000


Thanks for the advice so far...

I've got Mandrake 10 installed & running (with WindowMaker) now and started downloading & attempting to install everything.

Things are not going as smoothly as I would have hoped...

I downloaded the files to /root/Desktop/Gnustep & unarchived them there.

Then I went through the instructions on the web page:

I ran into some difficulties with FFI (?) and chose the option to build something without DO support (whatever that means).

Have done something wrong from trying to install from the desktop?

Is there an easier way to install this system? (I like double-clickable installers!)

Thanks for any more assistance you can offer.


On 23 Aug 2004, at 9:22 PM, Nicola Pero wrote:


I'm just starting to look at Obj-C & Cocoa/GnuStep.

I have lot's of mac's & so I can use XCode etc.  For my current uni
subject I need to work on linux or windows - both foreign territory to

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good starting point for a

i.e. FreeBSD, Linux (which type?), Windows (mingw or cygwin)

What I don't need is hassles setting up the system.

Depends where the hassles come from - if we are only talking of the
hassles configuring, compiling and installing GNUstep, then obviously
linux should be the most tested one.

So if you're in complete darkness, my suggestion would be to try a
well-known linux distribution (RedHat, Debian, Fedora, Mandrake ...
something like that). GNUstep should work on those as much out of the box as possible (using WindowMaker as your window manager will help, so look
for that option in the distribution).

I don't think I can offer real help on which distribution is easier from a
user point of view -- you can look on the web or at magazines or ask
people. Keep in mind you probably want to use WindowMaker as that would help you get a gui system running well with fewer hassles. So if you can
select a distribution where that is easily available, that might be the
only thing I can think of which could make it a little bit easier.

Other unix systems (eg *BSD) should also be reasonably good, a bit less
tested, but you might have reasons to prefer those (maybe you've got a
friend who knows a lot about that, or you have personal preferences).

I would leave Windows last as I suspect that, between the ones you listed, Windows is really the most difficult system to install GNUstep on, -- the
gui might be difficult and somewhat unstable there.

Hope that helps




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